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Thursday, September 24, 2020
Message from the Board and the Governor
September 24, 2020

Message from the Board and the Governor

Have you noticed that there is a lot of action at the building? Well the demolition has begun for the renovation of the Hall. The kitchen is being removed, several storage rooms, as well as the pit area. A small group of volunteers have moved several items from the Hall to the social quarters to be prepared for sale or disposal. Also, we need volunteers to pack up the offices. Please call me (443-520-5000) if you want to help.

In past letters, the Board requested feedback on having an informative meeting with LOOM members. Since the Board only received 2 responses from members, the Board voted not to organize a meeting due to no interest from the members. The Board still wants to keep LOOM members informed. To do this, the Board decided the best way to reach members was by posting information on the webpage http://moosepages.org/Home/lodge1456 , via Facebook at Glen Burnie Moose Lodge 1456, or by group email (send a request to join the email group to memadriver@gmail.com), and posting information on the front door of the Lodge. Of course, you can call me at 443-520-5000 and leave a voicemail message. I will return your call.


The Board held a meeting on September 8th with guests from Moose International. The topics of discussion were how we should disseminate information, review building plans, and review our goals. The Building/Land Acquisition Committee (BLAC) was created to research options regarding the location of the new One Moose Lodge. The One Moose Lodge should attract new membership that includes people of all ages, sex, and ethnic backgrounds. The new Lodge should be able to adjust to future trends while giving all members a safe and secure place to gather.
The Board also took the following actions:

1. The Board voted to accept the mission statement of the BLAC. The mission of the BLAC is to research buildings for sale or rent, cost and location of land, or the cost to build a new building to establish a new Moose Lodge that will be in compliance with the One Moose Lodge requirements.
2. The Board voted to use electronic methods to disseminate information and to place postings on the front door of the Lodge when possible.
3. The Board voted to sell items in the Lodge, and to have the Administrator organize and manage the sale with the oversight of the Trustees. The Board has established protocols to dispose of items from the back Hall.
4. The Board voted on and accepted several parameters and requirements for the new building (I.e. size, location radius, amenities, and a base line budget.

The Chairman of BLAC has organized a closed committee meeting for BLAC members only. The Board was informed of the committee members by the Chairperson. They are:

Bob DeSombra – Chairperson
Pat Burrella – Secretary and Assistant to the Chairperson
Chuck Carey - Researcher
John Burrella – Researcher
William Tanner – Researcher
Pam Quaid – Researcher
Rick Friend – Researcher
Patrick Rossell – Researcher
John Linkus – New Building Construction
Paullette Atkinson – Liaison between CSG Sports Group

The Board would like to thank the volunteers and wish them good luck in their research.

In closing – a personal note from the Governor.

I know these are troubling times. Many factors affected the closing of our Lodge. Let’s talk about these factors. COVID19 caused our Hall to close, which resulted in cancelled upcoming events. But COVID19 was not the cause of the Lodge sale or the condition of the building. The following are the factual reasons why the Lodge was sold:
1. The neglect of the building
2. Failure of members to accept change
3. Lack of volunteers
4. Unfriendly attitudes towards guests and new members - particularly young people
5. The deplorable condition of the kitchen and restrooms
6. Poor food and service
7. Members refusing to work with each other
8. Low meeting attendance
9. Members telling other members and quests not to attend events and to return purchased tickets
10. Financial loss at the bar and the kitchen
11. Members sneaking food and drink into the Lodge
12. Financial instability over the past several years

These factors did not just happen when the current board was installed. These factors existed over several years. The Lodge has been in financial distress for more than 10 years. The building needed renovations and upgrades for at least a decade. Why do I mention all of this? It’s because we are going to have a new building with younger diverse membership. The One Moose will be inclusive and friendly with more to do than what was offered before. It is time now for all members to think what you can do to help us build a new One Moose Lodge. If your heart is full of hate and bitterness, then I guess the new Moose might not be the place for you.

Remember to check the Lodge front door for new information. If you are interested in the status of the WOTM, please read the attached WOTM message.

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